Chapter 01


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The city hummed quietly.

Serra stood at the window listening. She hoped to hear the engines of a Space Command transport shuttle.

Instead she heard silence.

She had found the Rune five days ago and ever since Space Command put a lock down on the artifact and on her research. Typical bureaucrats; afraid of progress. They've kept her waiting for five days now. The single greatest discovery of humankind and they take their damn time. The thought was too intense and her patience snapped.

"Damn," she huffed aloud.

Serra turned away from the window and walked towards the Rune. The artifact floated slowly in a green tube in the center of the lab. There was no question the Rune was old, potent, and dangerous.

Serra's gaze sunk into the ancient weapon. It seemed to speak to her.

This distraction was so great that she didn't notice the engines of the SS Currahee as it drifted towards the landing pad just outside the window...

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